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The Team

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I love all things art. It started at a very early age with drawing and oil painting. When I finished high school I attended Conestoga College for two years majoring in Product and Graphic Design. Still not sure of what my future held for me, I entered the work force for five years before returning to Conestoga College where I graduated with honors from the Graphic Design Production Technician program.

While working for a financial institution as a typesetter and paste up artist, a chance encounter led me to a successful career as a scanner operator on high end Hell and Crosfield color scanners. It was during this time I aquired all of my color theory and knowledge. Moving into the printing industry, I worked with Creo Scitex technology and with the advent of the Mac, I mastered the Adobe Suite of software programs and became an expert in Photoshop.

After fifteen years as a expert in Photoshop, scanner operator and graphic artist I returned to the financial industry as a Forms Designer for a major insurance firm. After eight years designing custom and generic member and sponsor forms and maintaining the database I had a unique opportunity to return to school where I graduated with honors from a Web Design and Development program.

I feel my career has led me to this point where I am able to be part of Digital Imagerey and offer all of my knowledge and experience in a design capacity.

Looking forward to bringing your ideas to life.

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I have been interested in technology from a very young age. I was even in a computer club in elementary school. While working in steel factory for many years and moving up the ladder very fast because of my computer skills, I decided to teach myself web development and programming. I started freelancing doing websites for small businesses and organizations. Shortly thereafter I started a business with my brother. I would take care of all of the programming and business adminstration, while he took care of the graphics and animation.

After running the business for five years and freelancing for another three, I decided I would like to share my knowledge with others and train some really good web designers so I started teaching at a small private college. It was during this time that I decided to expand on what I had already learnt with my experiences and go to College. I achieved an advanced diploma in Web Communications and Internet Applications from St. Clair College as well attending the University of Windsor Faculty of Education for the first part of the Bachelor of Education in Technological Studies Program.

Currently I teach Enterprise Web and Mobile Development at triOS College. It is very rewarding to train the website and application developers of tomorrow in such a strong tech sector. I like to keep myself current by working on freelance projects myself and with my students.

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